Competish is an app that helps people achieve their fitness goals using the two most potent motivators: your social network and money. You can get in shape by competing with friends to lose weight and win prizes every week.

My Role: UI + Motion Design


This startup was not ready to spend too much in branding or a thorough UX process. The goal of the project was to update the app’s look & feel by creating a unique and attractive UI. I was to focus on the key user flows: weekly competitions and the daily weight recording process.

Weight: Tracking History
Take a photo of the scale
Enter today's weight
Typography & Colors

After exploring different color palettes and typographic options, we ending up selecting a very legible geometric sans-serif typeface with a predominately white and blue color palette.

Design Concepts

Key screens included features like creating a group, submitting weigh-ins by taking a picture of your feet on the scale, reviewing other players weigh-ins and tracking progress to see who is in the lead every week, as well as your current winnings.

Motion UI

Users compete every week, so I wanted to use micro interactions to appeal to their emotions, celebrating achievements and creating an enjoyable experience.

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