Trecto is a data drive app that helps you get the most business out of your personal relationships. Whether it's an old friend you haven't talked to for a while or a lead you need to close, the app’s technology learns as you use it to make the best recommendations on who to contact next.

My Role: UI + Motion


The goal of this project was to provide a very easy and intuitive way for the user to scan through the suggested daily contacts. I explored different ways to swipe through the cards and select the method of contact. We decided the third option was the best location for the CTA since it felt more confortable for the thumb to reach.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Typography & Colors

The font famiy selected is optimizied for on-screen text usage. The brand combined colors that had a good balance between a professional and friendly feel.

Home Page

The colors are used for the contact cards to create a more enganging experience and to reinforce the idea that the relationships you are building are always changing.

Design Concepts

The key screens I focusen on involved those around the user flow of browsing your contacts, viewing your history with a contact, editing their information and checking your account’s activity.

Motion UI

Through micro interactions I was able to tacke different user goals:

1. Make it very easy to email, call or message a contact
2. Give quick access to the records of every call, text or email sent to that contact.
3. Be able to update the contact’s information to make sure details are always up to date.

I decided to use a swipe gesture to scan through today’s cards since it was a playful and inviting way to go through your daily contacts.

Beyond the UX of browsing and contacting your peers, another key screen was keeping track of your activity.
Insights and goals helped the user keep track of their progress and motivate them to keep on going!

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